I’m Still Here

Sorry I haven't posted for a few weeks. I've been dealing with some health issues, namely a kidney infection. I think I've about got it licked (but need to follow up with my PCP), but while dealing with this, I've not had the spoons to write anything or run any streams on my YouTube channel. … Continue reading I’m Still Here

Parenting After Abuse: What Surviving Abuse Has Taught Me As a Mother

Learning to Recognize Opportunities Everything is an opportunity. Good or bad, it's up to us and us only to recognize the opportunities that are available to us. Even if you've never suffered and survived abuse, everything you experience in your life is an opportunity for your growth and betterment. You just need to find it … Continue reading Parenting After Abuse: What Surviving Abuse Has Taught Me As a Mother

Loving Yourself, Pt. 2: Boundaries

Last week I wrote about the first few steps I took in learning to love myself: learning to forgive myself and learning to realize that, quite frankly, I'm a damn good person, to the point that I finally managed to not only love myself but also LIKE myself. And I gave some tips in hopes … Continue reading Loving Yourself, Pt. 2: Boundaries

How I Learned to Love Myself Pt. 1

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash Whether you've been through abuse or not, I can't stress enough the importance of cultivating healthy self-esteem. And it's not something I managed to accomplish myself, fully, until I was 32, almost 33. Now, please realize that cultivating self-love IS NOT the same as being narcissistic. First, you gotta know that everyone, … Continue reading How I Learned to Love Myself Pt. 1

Last of the Nutshelling

Photo by Maxim Lugina on Unsplash I'd burn every single "good" memory of them if I could because they were nothing but bullshit. Towards the end of my relationSHIT with EN (ex-narcissist), he'd been backed off from the cheating accusations for a while, but they weren't entirely gone. But they increased again after we'd gotten to move back … Continue reading Last of the Nutshelling

Trump’s Shutdown Is Endangering Low Income People

This just came across my Tumblr feed and considering that I am a low income mom of 3 children who depends on foodstamps, I find myself more than a little alarmed. Because, yeah, I have already received my February SNAP money. And it's not even February yet. And now I'm having to realize that there … Continue reading Trump’s Shutdown Is Endangering Low Income People